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 ODA Ladies Presidents roll 2 ODA Ladies Presidents roll 3  ODA Ladies Presidents roll 2 


Next Meeting - May 28th.

July 30th; September 24th; November 26th.

Usual 7:30pm time, venue, Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club - All welcome.
Alan Orchard. Secretary.


At the association's AGM on the 30th January, there a were a few changes to our committee, firstly, outgoing President Alan Orchard handed over stewardship for 2024 to Mr Hilary Bastone. Handover to Hilary 2024Alan Orchard (L) - Hilary Bastone (R)

Secondly Mr Richard Rendle MBE, stood down as our Secretary, Richard will be missed greatly as the organisations Secretary, he has been instrumental in maintaining and organising in many many ways for longer than we can remember. I am sure we will continue to call on his expertise in the future.

Secretary: Alan Orchard. Chair: Robert Waycott. Almoner: Robert Waycott. Flag Officer: Kevin Langworthy. Treasurer: Barry Brehout.

Incoming President, Hilary, said the following words. 

"It is a great honour for me to be installed as President of the Old Dartmothians Association. Our thanks go to Alan Orchard for his stewardship through the centenary year and now accepting office as the Association’s Secretary. Our thanks also go to Richard Rendle who has retired as Secretary after many years of commitment, dedication, knowledge, and loyalty he has put into the position.
Thanks also go to our Chairman, Rob Waycott, and Treasurer, Barry Brehout, for all the work they undertake for the Association.
During my year as President, the Association members have plans to further enhance the Royal Avenue Gardens and to continue the good work they undertake in the town. My hope is that we can encourage more Dartmothians to join us to support the Association’s efforts and to enjoy the camaraderie that exists within the organisation."

shipindockinnlogoThe Old Dartmothians' Association was founded in the Ship 'n' Dock Inn, on the Friday of Dartmouth Regatta in 1923, by four Dartmothians. Their intention was to form a fellowship of Dartmouth men over the age of eighteen, who would cherish their relationship with the town of Dartmouth, and could help to enhance the lives of the townsfolk, even though some of them may have moved away to live elsewhere.

So does that mean the association is only meant only for the elderly townsmen? Well the answer is most definitely NO! The word old has many meanings when used in particular contexts, and in this case we think that it was intended to be interpreted as "Denoting someone who formerly attended, or lived/lives in, a specified place. e.g. as in ‘an old Etonian’. and not someone who is aged.


If you are someone who would like to participate in helping to fulfil the aims of the association, then please read the information contained in the Membership  page. If you would like to drop in at one of the meetings and find out more, then you could attend one of the following meetings that are held at the Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club, Sandquay Road, Dartmouth. TQ6 9PH. Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the following months commencing at 7:30pm as follows, January (AGM), March, May, July, September, November. Also, any potential new member who would like to just have an informal meet and greet chat, along with a tea or coffee, could join several of the present members who meet at the Ship In Dock Inn on a Friday morning from approximately 10.30 am.