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In order to enrol in the Old Dartmothians' Association you must be able to fulfil one of the following criteria.
1. Have been born in Dartmouth, or parents resident in Dartmouth at time of birth.
2. Either parent was born in Dartmouth.
3. Be invited to become a member, having resided in the town for at least ten years.

If you meet one of the above then please complete either THIS MS WORD DOCUMENT or THIS PDF DOCUMENT
and send it along with your appropriate fee to the address on the form.


  1. • Advance the welfare of our home town Dartmouth.
    • Renew old friendships and acquaintances of Dartmothians who revisit the scene of their youth particularly during the Annual Royal Regatta in August.
    • Maintain an interest in the educational welfare of the young.
    • Maintain contact with widows of deceased members, and members who may be unwell, and where posssible care for the old folk of the town.
    • Keep Old Dartmothians in touch with each other and with current events in the town. Look up Old Dartmothians on Facebook.
    • Encourage Dartmouth sporting traditions.

If you require further information, please contact
Secretary: Alan Orchard.
18, South Embankment, Dartmouth. TQ6 9BB.
Tel: 07775-664362
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Old Dartmothians' Association has a privacy policy that relates to membership, GDPR, and what happens to any data we collect, it can be viewed with this link PRIVACY POLICY