Refurbishing the fountain in The Royal Avenue Gardens - March 2018

Fountain Upgrade March2018 2

odafountain2018The fountain in Royal Avenue Gardens is being refurbished by the Old Dartmothians' Association. President of the Old Darts, Bob Waycott was joined by Tony Hodge, Jan Cowling, Ernie Chase, Mark Strudwick and John Mitchelmore and Barrie French, to remove the railings for cleaning and galvanising.

Tony Hodge said: “The railings are going to Gampton where they will be shot-blasted and then zinc coated and spray galvanised rather than hot dipped. It’s better for us as we are going to paint them the same colours.

Bob Waycott added: “The Old Darts are paying for all of this. Our labour is free and the rest of the work should be done for less than £1,500. The pump is now working and the fountain itself will be cleaned and the green mould removed.

“We are aiming to get the work done by about the middle of April.”

Article reproduced with the kind permission of South Hams Today, part of the Tindle Newspaper Group - Independent Family Owned Newspapers.