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In the light of a few recent questions,  the Committee would just like to confirm that this year's re-union dinner will not be taking place due to the current pandemic situation.


In keeping with traditions surrounding the Regatta, members, or indeed anyone who is able to, can attend the ODA flagpole ceremony at the entrance to the Royal Avenue Gardens,
on what would have been the opening of the Regatta on Wednesday 26th at 7:30pm and also for the closing ceremony on Regatta Saturday at 8:00pm.

Your attendance will be most welcome in order that the Old Dartmothians can make a showing for traditions sake.

Dear Members,

Just a short note to update you all on the condition of our Secretary Richard Rendle. Richard underwent a serious operation recently at Torbay Hospital, and an update from his wife Wendy is that the operation went well and he is making a slow and steady recovery, and anticipates returning to home fairly soon after a stay of about 10 days since the op. Richard will need to then have several more weeks of rest and recouperation before we anticipate him resuming any secretarial duties. I'm sure all members wish him a full recovery and look forward to the return of his most valued leadership.

Best Regards to you all.

Robert Waycott
Chairman, Old Dartmothian's Association.
6th July 2020


This year marks the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to America, and Dartmouth, being one of the focal points of the pilgrim fathers journey, intends to play a part in the celebrations towards the end of this year. Circumstances have conspired to seriously affect planned events in the region and future ones are still to be decided upon.

The Old Dartmothians Association members were very keen to make a contribution to the local celebrations, by totally refurbishing and re-planting the wonderful galleon floral container, formally housed in the Royal Avenue Gardens. This wonderful piece of floral art was last seen in the gardens around about five years ago. It was originally commissioned in 2013 by the South Hams Council at a cost of £7,000, to form part of the floral commemorations, in the Royal Avenue Gardens, of the Royal Navy having a presence in the town for 150 years. Then in 2014 the galleon was a part of the entries that were awarded a record number of trophies in the Britain In Bloom contest, which in turn lead to an invitation for the town to enter the prestigeous Tatton Park 2015 Royal Horticultural Show, where it was influential in advertising our town to the wider world.

The GalleonPhoto courtesy of By The Dart

It is unclear when the galleon was removed from the gardens, but it has been kept in storage, awaiting a return in 2020 for the Mayflower 400, regrettably due to the covid-19 pandemic the association members are unable to restore the galleon due to social distancing and isolation. I'm sure that it will remain on the project to do list for the association at some future date, let's hope that this is not too far away.



As you may, or may not, know, one of the roles of the association's Almoner is to seek to be aware of any member who may be unwell and in need of help. In view of the current pandemic, it has been very difficult for me to fulfil the role by going out and visiting members. I have been in telephone conversation with several members over the past few weeks, but would like to make you aware that I am available to talk over your situation and hopefully provide some assistance.
You can do so either by email at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or via telephone on (01803 832204 or 07901282428)
I would also like to send our best wishes for a full recovery to our Secretary Richard and his wife Wendy who are currently experiencing a period of illness.
Rob Waycott
Chairman & Almoner
6th April 2020