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Next association meeting will be the association's AGM on Tuesday January 25th at 7:30pm.
Download a copy of the agenda HERE
NOTE: Dates of future meetings.
March 29th. May 31st. July 26th. Sept 27th. Nov 29th. January 31st 2023
Usual 7:30pm time, venue, Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club - All welcome.
Stay Safe everybody.
Richard Rendle.
Richard Rendle 2021


 A relatively quiet year to be expected during these difficult times. Attendances by members have been very good at our normal events i.e. Remembrance Days, Regatta Ceremonies and Presidents Dinner. Good attendances by members at our bi monthly meetings at the Rowing Club and again very good attendances at our informal Friday Coffee mornings at The Ship In Dock. We have settled in very well at The Ship In Dock and we are all most grateful to the wonderful owners and staff who make us most welcome. The Association has started planning for our Special Year our 100th Anniversary. On-going planning will be going ahead this year. The Association is financially well balanced and led very ably by our Treasurer Barrie Brehout. Great thanks by us all to our Secretary Richard Rendle who keeps us on an even keel, keeping myself and members well informed of what’s going on. Every day is an “Old Dartmothians” day for him. Thank you to our Flag Officer, Kevin Langworthy and to our Press Officer Nigel Punchard, the creator of our most impressive Web Site. Thank you to all for the trust you have in me to be Chair of such a wonderful organisation. It is indeed an honour to hold such a position

Finally I am sorry I am unable to be present at this year’s AGM due to family health matters. I hope you have enjoyable AGM and it goes well, as I’m sure it will.

Rob Waycott.

Chairman, Old Dartmothians Association.

shipindockinnlogoThe Old Dartmothians' Association was founded in the Ship 'n' Dock Inn, on the Friday of Dartmouth Regatta in 1923, by four Dartmothians. Their intention was to form a fellowship of Dartmouth men over the age of eighteen, who would cherish their relationship with the town of Dartmouth, and could help to enhance the lives of the townsfolk, even though some of them may have moved away to live elsewhere.

So does that mean the association is only meant only for the elderly townsmen? Well the answer is most definitely NO! The word old has many meanings when used in particular contexts, and in this case we think that it was intended to be interpreted as "Denoting someone who formerly attended, or lived/lives in, a specified place. e.g. as in ‘an old Etonian’. and not someone who is aged.


If you are someone who would like to participate in helping to fulfil the aims of the association, then please read the information contained in the Membership  page. If you would like to drop in at one of the meetings and find out more, then you could attend one of the following meetings that are held at the Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club, Sandquay Road, Dartmouth. TQ6 9PH. Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the following months commencing at 7:30pm as follows, January (AGM), March, May, July, September, November. Also, any potential new member who would like to just have an informal meet and greet chat, along with a tea or coffee, could join several of the present members who meet at the Ship In Dock Inn on a Friday morning from approximately 10.30 am.