Swimming Pool Donation February2016

Donations have flooded in towards Dartmouth’s indoor swimming pool start-up. Almost £35,000 has been given towards the fitting out of the pool project, which is under way at the top end of town. Construction work is due to be completed by the autumn but trustees are still fund raising for equipment for the pool once built. Trustee Sue Puddock said: ‘There is a real sense of anticipation as people watch the Dartmouth indoor pool taking shape. ‘It is such an achievement after 60 years of waiting, fundraising and negotiating, to have raised the money for the building and to see the longed for pool finally being built.’ Now St Petrox Trust Lands has stepped forward with £20,000, along with £9,100 from Dartmouth United Charities and £5,000 from the Old Dartmothians. Sue said that over the years many people in and around Dartmouth had worked and contributed to the fund, and recently the appeal has moved on from the build costs to raising cash for the start up and supplying the pool with equipment. Three major charities in Dartmouth have kick started the equipment fund, and already one local business has also made an offer of furniture. St Petrox Trust Lands spokesman Kate Ryder highlighted the importance for children having access to swimming lessons. ‘Not only does it allow young people to learn the skills required to have confidence in and around water which opens up activities like sailing, rowing, and canoeing, but knowing how to swim could ultimately save lives,’ she said. ‘Swimming is the only sport which any age group across the board can do from young to old.’ The donation from Dartmouth United Charities has contributed to a specific piece of equipment which will ensure that disabled people will have easy access to the pool. The disabled pool lift will make getting in and out of the water much easier for people with mobility problems. Spokesman Jill Cawley said: ‘Dartmouth United Charities is pleased to be able to support the indoor pool project which will bring new and long overdue opportunities to disabled people young and old.’ Old Dartmothians president Jan Cowling said: ‘We are happy to see the pool project taking shape after so many years. ‘People in Dartmouth and district should be really proud of what has been achieved so far.’ Howdens Joinery, which has branches in Dartmouth and Kings­bridge, has also pledged two reception desks for the pool. A company spokesman said: ‘Our firm has long been a part of Dartmouth’s business community and we are very pleased to be able to gift the desks.’

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