In adverse weather, the association performed a handing back ceremony for the Middleton Arch at the entrance to the Royal Avenue Gardens.
Some intial photos supplied by Barry Morris and Martin Thomas of DARTMOUTH PHOTOS.  

Video link to the event from Martin Thomas, apologies for the sound quality due to traffic. VIDEO LINK

Some information for you all on this major project undertaken by The Old Dartmothians’ Association for the refurbishment of the Middleton Arch, at the entrance to the Royal Avenue Gardens.

This has without doubt been a major project undertaken by our association from start to finish. Of course with a huge project like this we have required outside help with certain aspects of the work required.

The Old Dartmothians are extremely proud of the fantastic results we have achieved, and as you can see “The Middleton Arch” is back to its former glory just as it was in 1992, when Alan Middleton designed and built this marvellous structure, which is very much a focal point for the town of Dartmouth. Alan has helped considerably with advice throughout the project, and has been on hand constantly to supervise. What better than the creator, designer, and builder to be at our side, so a big thank you to Alan, we are extremely grateful.

A year or so ago our then President John Mitchelmore suggested, and initiated, the project. Discussions took place at our Committee meetings and coffee mornings to see if such a huge undertaken could go ahead and be successful. Costs and expertise were at the forefront of our discussions. We don’t now need to ask whether success could be achieved as you can see for yourselves the fantastic result. We The Old Dartmothians are so proud of the end product, and again with a contribution by us to the infrastructure of our town. Well done to John Mitchelmore and our other works foreman Tony Hodge, who have been heavily involved throughout. A job like this needs the involvement of so many people and certain experienced tradesmen. We were fortunate in being able to call upon this experience within our organisation, albeit they were some of our younger members who generously gave of their time. Perhaps its worth mentioning a great majority of the work was performed buy a workforce comprising of an average age of 75 years !! Indeed several members of the gang were aged 80 years plus.

There are a number of people to whom we must say thank you to:-

A huge thank you to Paul Hodge for the continued use of his facilities at Bugford, https://www.facebook.com/bugfordnurseries/ proving invaluable to the project.
Keith Langworthy and Mark Strudwick, also our Flag Officer Kevin Langworthy.

The St. Petrocs Trust – For their very considerable financial contribution.

The Old Dartmothians Ladies section – For their contribution of refreshments throughout.

The Flavel Church – Again for refreshments provided. https://www.facebook.com/flavelchurch/

K Blasting for the work undertaken by them. A brilliant job. http://www.kblasting.co.uk/

Paul Shepherd, Lorry and Crane Hire. Northfields Industrial Estate, Brixham. TQ5 8UA.

Robert Waycott


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